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Tiresias supports businesses of all sectors and sizes on credit, having created since 2014 the electronic platform TSEK, which offers them online access to the most reliable financial and business information, collected daily on its database. With TSEK businesses can assess their commercial transactions based on objective data and control the credit risk they assume, thus contributing to their growth in Greece and abroad.
At the same time, the Public Service Office is at the disposal of businesses and freelancers, so that they can be informed any time with safety and transparency, about the data that concern their business or to rectify data if needed.

For your decisions, any time

ΤSΕΚ electronic platform offers any time, easy and online, from any electronic device, a reliable and objective overview of the market, providing data that are daily updated from the database of Tiresias, without the need for any specialized knowledge.
TSEK is a user-friendly tool that supports enterprises by providing them with an increasing number of services, so that they have access to all credit reporting tools they require, in order to grow and avoid potential risks.

Additional services

Be informed about the additional services of the TSEK platform

Which Businesses Can Benefit:

All entrepreneurs, natural and legal persons (SA, LLC, GP, PC, LP, etc.), who deal with credit and assume a related financial risk in their commercial transactions, which necessitates a solvency check of the companies with which they cooperate.

For more information, please visit TSEK page.

Social Responsibility

Since our establishment, we have been actively engaged in society, by practically supporting charitable organisations who do important work and by contributing in emergency situations, both through the personal involvement of our employees in various actions and through financial assistance. Respect for our employees, safety and hygiene in the workplace, continuous training and encouragement to participate in social activities are all vital features of our identity. Moreover, through specific actions and processes, we aim at reducing the environmental impact of our operations.

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