• What you gain from using our systems and services

By using our systems and services, financial institutions are able to:

- Assess the solvency of their clients and prospective clients
- Assess the creditworthiness of their clients and prospective clients
- Be informed about & protected against credit risk
- Ensure a secure trading environment for their clients
- Enjoy access to timely, easily-sourced and accurate information for the identification of their traders

  • An indicative example of the benefits of connecting to Tiresias and using our services

A financial institution that is assessing an application by a natural or legal person for a loan, by “monitoring” their current behaviour on existing loans, can gain a direct insight into their creditworthiness and evaluate the probability of default in the future.
This information:

  • Protects both the applicant-client from over-borrowing, and the institution, by reducing risk-taking through correct credit risk assessment.
  • Helps the institution provide loans on better terms to clients with a high score and a consistently positive transactional behaviour, while reducing doubtful debts and the borrowing interest rate.
  • Allows the Institution to monitor and assess the portfolios of its clients.

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