Tiresias is the only Credit Bureau in Greece that is a member of the European organisation ACCIS (Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers). ACCIS represents the largest group of Credit Bureaus in the world, counting 41 members from 28 European countries and 11 associate members representing the other continents.

Our mission, as a Credit Bureau, is to provide reliable and accurate credit behaviour information to financial organisations, enterprises and individuals, enabling them to make informed decisions and to conduct safe and efficient financial transactions.

What are Credit Bureaus

Since our establishment 30 years ago, and to this day, we have been successfully pursuing our goal, which is to provide high-quality services, comparable to those of the largest Credit Bureaus. At present, Greece has one of the best credit scoring systems in Europe with regard to its prediction rate, owing to our company’s long-standing expertise in developing interbank credit risk assessment systems, and our commitment to make use of advanced technological capabilities for the processing of information, in a transparent manner and with respect for all personal data.

Our goal is to provide value-added credit information services that:

  • Valorise the power of information for the benefit of individuals, enterprises and the financial system in general
  • Facilitate responsible bank lending
  • Contribute to the growth of the economy by boosting bank credit and reducing bad debts
  • Equip businesses in making decisions that will help them grow
  • Contribute to the protection of individuals, enterprises and financial organisations from fraud and economic crime
  • Strengthen healthy entrepreneurship and contribute to the smooth functioning of the market

Our vision:

  • To be a leading Credit Bureau, which contributes to reliable creditworthiness assessment, credit risk reduction, the protection of financial transactions and sustainable economic growth, for the benefit of our shareholders, our employees, society and the Greek economy.

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