Economy: Serving Citizens and Businesses

Tiresias contributes to the sustainable development of the Greek economy through its operation, by providing reliable credit information to financial institutions, businesses and individuals, so that they can make informed decisions.
Our services offer added value to our shareholder banks and evolve according to their needs, owing to our regular and structured communication with them.
We also have an organised Public Service Office, whose priority it is to offer efficient and timely services to individuals and enterprises regarding their data, and to facilitate them in exercising their rights according to the General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR.
To this aim, a telephone service centre is in operation daily, on working days, to answer questions by citizens and enterprises and book appointments with us.
In order to facilitate our clients and continuously upgrade the services provided by the Public Service Office, its services are gradually being offered online as well. Applications by individuals and businesses to access their data, which is the most common request, are already being submitted and answered by e-mail. During the first year of operation of this service, 34% of the access requests were handled electronically, and this rate is constantly increasing.
In order to improve the services of the Public Service Office, we regularly measure your satisfaction and listen carefully to suggestions for improvement.
With regard to its services to businesses, TSEK business clients rate their experience of the service very positively. According to a survey conducted by Focus Bari at the end of 2021, clients of the TSEK service are very satisfied with their overall experience and their intention to recommend it to others is very high, since almost 7 out of 10 would do so. The key benefits they mention include:

  • the validity of its data
  • the useful services / work tools provided through the user-friendly, fast platform,
  • the high quality of service.

The survey’s conclusions, along with the suggestions for improvement, obtained through surveys and our contact with our clients, are used to further improve and constantly enhance the services offered by TSEK.

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