Respect for our employees, safety and hygiene in the workplace, continuous training and encouragement to participate in social activities are all vital features of our identity.

We have elaborated a Remuneration and Bonus Policy, along with an Annual Evaluation system, which aims at transparency and meritocracy. All employees can access our internal procedures and regulations through the intranet.

The gender ratio is 91 men and 133 women, with 50% of senior management positions held by women (9 male and 9 female directors). Our employees belong to all age groups, their average age being 47 years. Tiresias also shows respect for diversity and supports the work of ELEPAP by employing a person with disabilities.

Employee hygiene and safety are ensured through our full compliance with the relevant provisions of the Law and the continuous upgrading of our work environment, so that it is ergonomically, technologically and aesthetically sound and safe. More specifically, in the case of Covid-19, we adopted additional measures to the relevant legislation, such as providing free self-tests and masks to all our employees and offering the option of remote working, even when it was not mandatory by law. Furthermore, a substantial amount of money was allocated for PCR and rapid tests in 2020-2022.

We actively support our staff at times of hardship. Voluntary blood donation is one of our standard practices, which takes place twice a year at our company premises, in collaboration with Amalia Fleming Hospital. The Volunteer Blood Donor Team of Tiresias has helped various people in need, including 77 colleagues who needed its services either for themselves or for immediate family members.

We support the continuous training of our staff through workshops and training seminars that promote their personal and professional development. These focus primarily on issues related to the GDPR Regulation and data security, and are designed by the company in collaboration with specialised external consultants. Furthermore, the company provides a significant amount of funding for undergraduate and postgraduate studies undertaken by our staff relevant to their job description, and for staff attending courses at organised institutions in order to obtain foreign language certifications.

Aiming at an open communication with our staff, we make use of various tools of communication, such as an internal quarterly newsletter, an HR portal and staff events. Another valuable two-way communication tool is the idea box, which enables all staff to put forward suggestions for improvements or new services linked to any subject, and then play a leading role in their implementation, regardless of their position in the company, thus gaining valuable experience and taking an active part in the constant upgrading of our services and procedures.

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